A game trailer animation produced on Maya and After Effects, for a University project.



For our group studio production project, myself and four of my fellow students (Kris Earl,Jamie Dreiling,Tom Gill and Deyan Dimitrov), decided to use this open source film ‘Elephants Dream’.

We did all the sound design for this short 10 minute film, including the score, sound track, dialogue, foley,ambience and synthesized sounds.
It was a big group effort and we are very pleased with the outcome after all our hard work and it resulted in a very high mark.

Audio for Games

A group project in our first year of univeristy.. ‘Audio for Video Games’


For one of my assignments during my first year in the PSVT course at University of Salford, we had to work on a Unity game project which included 2 levels. As a group of 5 our task was to focus on recording and producing sounds that are suiting the needs for creating a soundscape that supplements the ambient dark atmosphere for the game Cells using techniques that we’ve been studying during the year. Using the equipment in the studios provided by the university we’ve been able to cover all of the categories listed for the assessment.

Dancing skeletonFor synthesising the sounds we’ve used variety of software, including: Cubase 6, FL Studio 11, various VST plugins, Native Instruments Massive, Logic ES2, Logic ESX24 and a hardware Virus TI2. Using them we’ve created the main background hum for the first level, a mild atmosphere for the second, portal sounds and as the first level…

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